Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doodle Butts

So I created a new Tumblr blog called Doodle Butts. YEAH. I'm uploading random doodles I draw on 3x3 Post-it Notes. I try to do at least two a day. I also try not to use pencil to sketch anything first, and jump straight to pen (though there have been a few exceptions to this already). It's a very relaxing exercise, and I go with the flow of whatever comes out. I had the Post-it's sitting in my cubicle from an event at work, and they weren't being used much prior to the spawn of this obsession. They make a GREAT canvas, and super colorful too! The style I'm using is called "Farmers Market" and I'm anxious to grab up some of the other color themes once I run through the pads I have.

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