Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Freelance & Personal Goals

Oh, how busy I have been! This past year, I did a very quick freelance job for a neighbor of a former co-worker. The neighbor had written a children's book (or may currently still be writing; it wasn't quite complete when I started work for her) and requested my help. I did a few simple illustrations to highlight the pages here and there, as well as a cover page. (click here to view my portfolio and see all of the work I did for the book).

Last year around October, I signed up to participate in this cool thing called The Sketchbook Project 2012. I failed miserably, and didn't complete the whole sketchbook *cries*... But, alas! I again challenged myself to participate in The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition... aaand, yet again, as the deadline draws nearer (April 30), I still have quite a few blank pages to fill, and about a week to turn it in. Yeesh. I will not give up hope! There's still time to finish!

Above, a few pages from my first Sketchbook Project.

My theme for the current Sketchbook Project is "How to Spell and Other Things to Learn" so I thought it would be an interesting idea to pick a word at random for each letter of the alphabet and draw an illustration according to the word. So far, I've picked "Aurora Borealis" and "Beach."

* * *

Currently, I'm feverishly trying to pump out some freelance work for a client that has been significantly patient with me. I can't show anybody anything yet, and I'm hesitant to even speak of it, but it's a pretty hefty project (partly why I've procrastinated on it for so long on it; it's so daunting of a task). I know that the work I'm producing for the project is some of the best work I've ever done and can't wait for the whole thing to be complete. I'm aiming to have the project done by the end of the year, and brought on CanOfToast to assist me. That's about all I can say! :)

I've given myself two goals to chip away at in my spare time:
  • Fill up sketchbooks
  • Work on and complete
    all unfinished digital artwork
There's not much else to say, more updates to come soon!

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