Monday, March 11, 2013

Art Collab with Andrew G

These past few days, I've been working on the first half of an art trade with my friend Andrew Glowczewski. We each picked three things (I picked girl, dragon, and cheese. He picked gun, powdered donut, and bird). Then we both drew a piece using the final six things all together. We swapped pieces, and now we each have two weeks to color. We're going to swap again when we're done. His piece is wicked! I can't wait to color it!

Above is the process I used for my piece. I drew a small thumbnail first (it was way smaller than the preview, about 2'' in width on paper). I brought the thumbnail into Photoshop and scaled it up to fit a US Letter paper sized canvas. I lightly sketched on a separate layer a quick blue rough outline. Then, on another layer, I did the final "inking." I'll admit, it took me longer than anticipated! But I can't say I've ever attempted it before, so I'm happy with the outcome. I hope I do more, and I hope I get faster at digitally inking. If anybody wants to color it, feel free! Please give me credit though!


  1. Did you ink it by hand or illustrator? Because it sooo clean.

    : )

    1. In Photoshop, actually. It took awhile! First time doing it that way.