Friday, April 10, 2009

Twigg and Friends

These are characters from an idea I have that will hopefully turn into something in the future. I have little comics in mind about them but I think I might try to make an animation of some sort.

See basically Twigg is a 'nightmare'. He lives with his brothers inside an old tree somewhere in the local towns pet cemetery. At night they go out and seep into sleeping childrens dreams, turning them into nightmares. Although Twigg enjoys very much what he does, there is a particular dream which he visits. The girl you see above dreams about her stuffed toy sheep, and her name is Berri. Berri sings and dances with pastel colors floating around her, and Twigg loves to watch the dream. But when Berri sees Twigg, the dream quickly turns into a nightmare. Twigg longs to be able to dance and play with Berri but he is a nightmare and she is a dream...

Well thats the main storyline so far! I have other side stories in mind like when Twigg finds a frog and when he finds some little girls picking on a kitten. I'm not sure how to end the story... I thought about the girl giving Twigg the stuffed toy so that Twigg can go home and see her in his own dreams and I've also thought about Twigg becoming a dream himself, but that sounds cheesy. Oh well, one day I'll do something with this!

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